The Showcase of Emerging Technology and its Journey to the world as part of Queensland's Something Fest!

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At Something Tech., you will step into a captivating showcase of Emerging Technology and the journey it has taken for Entrepreneurs to get it to the world. 

Spanning two days, you will witness the impact technology has as a driving force for progress and innovation. 

This will be showcased in four blocks; Technology optimizing ourselves, our communities, our planet, and our industries.

As a Founder you will learn and see other emerging technologies and their journeys, including the opportunity to network with each other and the broader community of investors, partners and consumers of your products.

As a Corporate, you will get to see and meet the emerging technology that is available in Australia that is driving change that could optimise the way you do business.

As an investor, you will learn, meet and hopefully increase your network of emerging technology companies, fellow investors in the community.

As an individual, everyone will walk away feeling uplifted, empowered and equipped with an understanding on how
emerging technology is playing a role in today’s challenges in our ever-evolving world.

Featuring Tech Talks, Founder and Entrepreneur Journeys, Office Hours (Rendezvous Hours), Tech Tradeshows, Australian and International Guest Speakers, Networking, RiverRival + more! 

The 2023 theme for Something Fest. is INTERCONNECTIONS.

Something Tech. will show how technology is intricately interconnected into all we do, ourselves, our communities, our planet and industry.

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As part of Something Tech. River Rival is the FINALE showcase and party to end Something Fest.

River Rival brings you Emerging Tech companies in QLD with a product in market, the opportunity to present to a panel of experts and a live audience to be named; Best in Product and Business, Best of the Best and People's Choice

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Program Highlight: Show Me The Money! Investor Reverse Pitch and Panel

Tech cost money, capital costs too, so what’s available, who has it, and why should Tech Companies pick them or just get back to Bootstrapping?Tune into the Capital Kings and Queens reverse pitch happening at Something Tech. 2023!  From Angels to VC's, and moderated by our very own Queensland Chief Entrepreneur, Julia Spicer OAM!

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