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Simon Beard

Co-founder of Culture Kings

Introducing Simon Beard, the visionary co-founder of Culture Kings, an internationally acclaimed streetwear brand that has taken the fashion world by storm. Alongside his wife Tahnee, Simon embarked on a journey that began humbly with a single market stall at Carrara Markets. Through Simon's innovative marketing strategies and Tahnee's operational expertise, they transformed Culture Kings into a global powerhouse, achieving consistent 20% - 100% year-over-year growth for 14 straight years, all while maintaining profitable growth without needing investors or debt.

Established in 2008, Culture Kings has evolved into a predominantly e-commerce giant with VIP clientele that includes notable celebrities such as Drake, Snoop Dogg, A$AP Rocky, and Cristiano Ronaldo. Simon and Tahnee's story is one of relentless determination and bold decision-making, which propelled their brand to unparalleled success. Their unique retail approach, as a theatrical experience, blending fashion, music, culture, and sports, has made Culture Kings an immersive destination for streetwear enthusiasts worldwide.

Despite encountering significant challenges, such as the devastating 2017 fire that resulted in the loss of $10 million worth of stock and the destruction of their headquarters, Simon and Tahnee's hands-on approach and unwavering work ethic have enabled Culture Kings to navigate obstacles and emerge stronger than ever.

Dedicated to maintaining their values and keeping Culture Kings at the forefront of global retail, Simon and Tahnee ensure that the brand delivers an unforgettable customer experience across its store locations in the US, Australia, and New Zealand, with a workforce of over 1000 employees worldwide. 

Their commitment to innovation and excellence solidifies Culture Kings' position as a leader in the fashion industry. In a landmark move in 2021, Simon and Tahnee orchestrated the sale of the majority stake of Culture Kings for an extraordinary $600 million valuation. This transaction, at the time, marked the largest Australian privately acquired retail business, further highlighting Simon and Tahnee's enduring commitment to the brand's continued success. Despite their shift away from hands-on involvement in the business, their unwavering dedication remains palpable through their retention of a substantial stake in the New York Stock Exchange-listed company.