2024 Agenda

Download the Something Tech. 2024 Overview

Empower Every Human is the theme at the heart of our program this year for Something Tech., celebrating how humans break down barriers, challenge the status quo and equip the world in innovative ways. 

The program is curated into four blocks: Technology empowering Ourselves, Our Communities, Our Planet and Our Industries.

📥 Download the 2024 Overview and check out below on how to navigate the sessions of Something Tech. 🧭

Watch this space: For the detailed speaker program launching in July 2024! Check out who is speaking here.

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10 mins, 15 mins or 20 mins Talk from Entrepreneurs, Technologists showcasing the impact they are bringing to the world with Technology.

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A 30 – 40 min fireside chat with select speakers, sharing their points of views, knowledge and Candor on a hot topic.

Something Tech Website Assets - Tiles - founder journey

An opportunity to hear from an exceptional founder, how they started, scaled and their insights into their own story and learnings along the way.

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Those who eat together stay together!

We get to commune together over some delicious food in a prime location out in the sun, bean bags, lawn or umbrella with our each other as a community.

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Each day we will have new exhibitors who will showcase their product, business and the impact it can make into your world.

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Thursday, we wrap up day 1 to defrag our minds, enjoy a beverage and some chats on the lawn together amongst the tradeshow.

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All day long at the lawn, get your favourite chair, coffee, tea or hot water even! To keep you buzzing through the day! 

Something Tech Website Assets - Tiles - rendezvous hours

Via the Something Tech. App, select your networking date and set up a time and a table to connect over by the Greenhouse Courtyard.

Goal – meet at least 10 new people for opportunity, connection and sharing before you leave Something Tech. 

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For the Founders and Leaders who want a download of knowledge from our experts, welcome Pomodoro Time!

25 mins max time to download knowledge to help your starting or scaling journey.

Why only 25mins? Because anything longer and you may not remember it!

Listening doesn’t guarantee memory recall, especially when learning.

The pomodoro (Tomato in Italian) technique Invented by Francesco Cirillo is a productivity hack for learning.

Our brains if listening for longer than 25mins, tend to only remember the start and the end. We only recall points in between if we had some form of emotional spike or reaction.

So here it is, 25mins of download tomato time!

Digital Product - Mentor Profile Image - 66

The finale event for the Something Fest week and Something Tech. where up to 10 Founders will pitch for best of the best in product or business and audience favourite for the night.

Join us earlier for the Warm up networking drinks on the balcony!

The party not to be missed on the river at Rivershed!

River Rival tickets are included with your Something Tech. ticket.